"The ultimate prankster in The Drillimation Series. From sneaking up to Konata and blindfolding her so she can't see the anime she's watching, to lowering a banner at a ceremony at Ryou Gakuen High School, he never fails to have Konata ramming her fist on her desk in rage."
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'Wataru Hoshi' (Japanese: ホシ・ワタル; Hepburn: 'Hoshi Wataru') is a fictional character in The Drillimation Series of anime and video games by Drillimation Studios. In the anime and games, he is the main character of the Star Trigon anime. He is Susumu's childhood friend, first meeting him at the Lucky Star Kingdom while battling Team Ankoku hackers, and makes him join the UGSF in help on battling Team Ankoku. His sidekicks are Chuta Bigbang and Miyuki Takara, who have also been his childhood friends.

Concept and Creation

Wataru was created by Hiroshi Takajima during the run of the Angry German Kid anime in 1970. Like Chuta, he was originally going to have large hands and at one time he was named Mr. Fist. The large hands were lost to Chuta, as the animators wanted something non-obese. However, there was a drawing that Wataru's voice actor Toshio Furukawa drew, featuring a boy jumping across platforms. Takajima had not yet decided a name for him, so he named him Wataru due to the fact he jumped across platforms and his name meaning "to cross". His surname Hoshi was also coined after Takajima decided to use a space theme for the anime.


Wataru's name (Japanese: 渉; Hepburn: {{{3}}}) means "to cross", while his surname, Hoshi (Japanese: 星; Hepburn: {{{3}}}), means "star". His whole name basically means "cross the stars".


Wataru is generally serious, with his eyes being slanted, characters like Kagami Hiiragi and Minami Iwasaki also have slanted eyes. Despite being serious, he loves to annoy Konata, usually to make her mad in a Tom and Jerry style by blasting an air horn when he sees her in public or putting a whoopie cushion in her seat when Konata is standing up.


In the anime

Star Trigon

Wataru made his first appearance in the Star Trigon anime as the main character. In it, he befriends several characters, including Susumu Hori and Anna Hottenmeyer.

Lucky Star

Wataru doesn't generally appear in the Lucky Star anime, but he is mentioned by Miyuki several times and makes cameo appearances in several episodes.

In the games

Driller Engine Grand Prix series

Wataru has appeared in all Driller Engine Grand Prix games to this date. His kart color is blue and his signature item in Driller Engine Grand Prix 2x2 is the Trigon, which is thrown in a boomerang to steal items from others.

Voice Actor

Wataru is voiced by Toshio Furukawa, who also provides the voices of Chuta Bigbang, Ataru Hori, Taizo Hori, and Keel Sark. In the English dub of the anime, he is voiced by Charles Martinet, who also provides the voices of Chuta Bigbang, Susumu Hori, Leopold Slikk, and Jake Randolf.

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