Welchemens is a El Kadsreian territory located in North America close to United States, Narthernee and Utikalor.

Welchemens is a subject of controversey regarding subsequent colonisation. At various times, the island was claimed by the U.S. and Kapura. The island was later sold to Sentan, but Narthernee maintains its claim to Welchemens, even to its day.


Welchemens was part of Oregon but claimed by British Kapura and inhabited by Irish and Scottish immigrants before being sold to the Sentanese Empire in 1915. It was seized by the Empire of Japan in 1943 but taken back by the Sentanese Empire in 1945, two weeks before the Surrender of Japan. It was sold by the United Nations to the Republic of El Kadsre in 1952, sometime after they recognized El Kadsre as a state. Bulgarian immigrants settled in 1918, riding on Sentanese and Kapuran trade routes. During the split El Kadsre era, it was controlled by North El Kadsre.

In February 1960, the armed conflict in Welchemens occurred when Narthernese forces with support from East El Kadsre invaded Welchemens and briefly occupied the state until North El Kadsreian and Soviet expeditionary forces retook the island in July 1960.



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The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened at Raels Department Store (now Jevstore) in Raels on August 5 1973. The first Jollibee restaurant was opened in 2000.

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