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What an Anthology! is a 1968 American anthology comedy film directed by Blake Edwards and produced by Gary Kurtz. Produced by Walt Disney Productions, the film stars Peter Sellers and Mickey Rooney as its main cast.

The film was released on February 20, 1968, to mixed reviews. Critics praised the performances, Edwards' direction and soundtrack, while others criticized the mean humor. The film was a box-office bomb, grossing $103 million over $93 million in the box office. In 1995, animator Patrick Ventura took inspiration to create his own two-shot short series Yuckie Duck and Sledgehammer O'Possum for What a Cartoon!.


Short Orders

Retired filmmaker David Graham works at a café as both the cook and the sole waiter. After making what seems to be the most disgusting soup in the world, he has to make a Limburger cheese sandwich for a customer, which requires using the most stinky piece of cheese from the depths of the fridge. Said piece of cheese is so putrid it's actually alive, so this causes a chase sequence where Graham attempts to capture the runaway cheese. Eventually he does and delivers the customer his sandwich, but he can't even get to eat it without being repulsed by the horrible stench.

Later, a second customer named Ashlynn Miller arrives and asks for a steak. This leads to what's without a doubt the highlight of the segment, which is a sequence where Graham tries to cut the incredibly hard steak using every tool at his disposal, but failing miserably with every try. The last attempt involves wrapping the steak around a stick of dynamite, but even that proves a failure when it blows up on Miller's face, steak still intact. Dora demands compensation for the horrible service, and the Manager offers anything on the menu for free. She asks for duck soup, and of course, Graham is turned into and serves as the duck.

Out and About

A trouble-making comedian named Trevor Dunn frustrates the notorious estate tycoon named Tristan Flynn's plans to enjoy a quiet summer day out.

I'm on My Way!

David Graham works as a paramedic, but does more harm than good to his patients.

What's Going on Back There?!

Trevor Dunn takes shelter from the cold in a mailbox after using a shrink ray, much to the dismay of a mailman named Adam Murphy who will stop at nothing to make him leave.