Whateva 2: Reloaded is the second studio album by Brazilian recording artist Mask Torn, released on 18th March, 2007. Its only single, "Insane In The Game", was released on 4th March, 2007. "Laps", however, is moderately popular in the grime scene.


  1. "Whateva Da Weatha"
  2. "Insane In The Game" (feat. Pep C, Joker, Mince and Tirade)
  3. "Rising Sun"
  4. "Laps" (feat. Vybz Kartel and Wiley)
  5. "Many Money"
  6. "Unown" (interlude)
  7. "Golden Rolex"
  8. "Sets of Three" (feat. Kilobite)
  9. "Human Nature"
  10. "Take It to the Top"
  11. "Look Up to the Sky"


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