Who is She? is the debut studio album by Kuboian recording artist Violet Stars. DJ Kubin serves as the album's executive producer, and produced a majority of the tracks on the album. It was released in Kuboia on 24th April, 2005 - internationally, the album was released on 27th June, 2005 as Hi! I'm Violet!

A total of five singles were released off the album, three of which were number one on the Karuboia charts. The album debuted at the top of the charts in Kuboia, and was the best-selling album in the country in 2005. Many sources have cited "Who is She?" as one of the best albums of all-time by a Kuboian artist. However, Violet herself stated that she suffered a lot of stress producing the album, and suffered even more stress when the album became popular.


The album's first single, "Wannabe Me", was released on 6th June, 2004. The single version of the song features a verse from Kool Teazer, although his verse is removed from the album version.

The album's second single, "Treat Me Wrong", was released on 7th November, 2004.

The album's third single, "Miss Shady", was released on 17th April, 2005. The song features vocals from Data Lowry.

The album's fourth single, "All Night", was released on 29th May, 2005. The song features vocals from Lanolin Railyatri.

The album's fifth single, "We Can Be", was released on 19th June, 2005. The song features vocals from Typ Foyard.

Although they were not released as singles, a music video for "Hear This" and "Domino" were released in August 2005. The two songs peaked on the Karuboia chart at number 34 and 41 respectively. "You've Got Me Dancin'" also peaked at number 44.

Track listing

  1. "Intro (New in Town)"
  2. "Who is She?" (skit)
  3. "We Can Be" (featuring Typ Foyard)
  4. "Treat Me Wrong"
  5. "One of Those Days"
  6. "Get Through This" (skit)
  7. "In the Centre"
  8. "Miss Shady" (featuring Data Lowry)
  9. "Violet's Interlude"
  10. "Doin' It"
  11. "Wannabe Me"
  12. "Do You See It?" (skit)
  13. "Hear This" (featuring Lizzie Dennisin, Iroune Ruby and Raddy Goodberry)
  14. "You've Got Me Dancin'"
  15. "Domino"
  16. "We're Gonna Fight" (featuring Peter Locke)
  17. "All Night" (featuring Lanolin Railyatri)
  18. "Bus Stop" (skit)
  19. "Everything I Do"
  20. "Outro"


  • "Violet's Interlude" contains uncredited vocals from Tom Elias.
  • "Outro" contains uncredited vocals from DJ Kubin.

Sample credits

  • "Miss Shady" contains a sample of "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem.
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