Wickney is a chain of discount department stores in Eruowood founded in 1963. The Wickney chain was owned by the S.S. Kresge Company from its founding in 1963 until 1977 when the S.S. Kresge Company changed its name to Kmart Corporation and shortly after Wickney's parent company changed it's name the Wickney chain was spun off so that the Kmart Corporation can focus more on the Kmart chain.

International chains

Jetania and Kuboia

United States

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In 1990 Wickney expanded into the United States with only ten stores. By 1992 the number of Wickney stores in the US grew to having 60 stores. In 1993 Wickney closed all 60 of its stores in the US due to increased competition from the then expanding Target and Walmart chains. Wickney's expansion in the US was considered one of the biggest flops in US retail history.

In 2007, Wickney reentered the US market under the name of Wickney America with new stores opened in a three states, New York, Ohio, and Texas. But it still staggering against competition from Target and Walmart.

El Kadsreian Islands

Wickney's El Kadsreian office is in North Comoeys City.

Kadersaryinan Islands

Kadersaryina and North Kadersaryina open their first Wickney stores in 1992. Daricajuce, Juulzaden (formerly known as Kaga'ahjo), Jaymawakin, Gaburayon, and Jalraiser open their first Wickney stores in 2002. All Wickney stores in Gaburayon were closed forever because of the Gaburayonese Revolution and all of the Wickney stores in Gaburayon were destroyed during the Gaburayonese Revolution in late 2014. In 2019, all Wickney stores in Juulzaden were permanently closed after the controversy of refusing to put Juuls in Wickney stores in Juulzaden.

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