Wiki TV is an Engarian free-to-air public television channel operated by Wiki TV Studios. It is the first television channel in the country and it is also the first TV channel to broadcast in color in 1958. As of 2019, Wiki TV is the most-watched TV channel in the country.

The channel airs a variety of programs, including news programs, sports, talk shows, current affairs, sitcoms, etc.


After the dissolution of the federal state of Engary back on January 23rd, 1950, the engarian National Assembly later held a meeting about the launch of the first-ever engarian television channel. a month later, the national assembly held another meeting where then-economic secretary Ron Rutland introduced the Engarian television act 1950, which is used to create the first television channel in the country. The law was later created, and the establishment of the first-ever engarian television channel has begun.

On March 13th, 1950, Engarian Radio Television launched officially with a short film explaining what kind of shows will be seen on the channel. Later, the first program was shown on the channel, which was the Engarian Radio Television Launch Party. The first in-vision continuity announcer was Katy Noris, who served the role when the channel began.

1 week later, on March 20th, Engarian Radio Television premiered the medical drama series, Emergency Lane, which would later go on to become the world's longest-running television soap operas. It later moved to YouTube in 2006 and concluded in 2019.

On September 22, 1955, Engarian Radio Television was renamed to Wiki TV, and to this date, it remains unknown why the renaming of the channel happened.

On July 28, 1958, Wiki TV started broadcasting in color, making it the first Engarian TV channel to do so.

On January 2, 1964, Wiki TV began airing the show Secrets in Potterville City, a soap opera that was set in the fictional Engarian city of Potterville City. The soap opera quickly received critical acclaim and it would later go on to become the most-watched television series in Engarian television at the time.

On July 13th, 1968, Wiki TV launched the country's second television channel, Wiki TV 2 (known as Engarian Radio Television 2 at the time).

In 1979, Wiki TV suffered from an industrial dispute, later leading to the subsequent shutdown of the channel for 11 weeks. The channel later returned on October 24 in the same year.

In December 1987, Wiki TV announced that Secrets in Potterville City will be canceled due to a terminal decline. The series later concluded on December 30, 1988.

In September 1989, Wiki TV rebranded with a new look as part of the autumn lineup for the channel. At the same time, Wiki TV began a new breakfast television service, known as Sunrise Television. It airs every weekday mornings from 7 am to 10:25 am. In the same year, the in-vision continuity has been discontinued and it was replaced by the out-of-vision continuity, which remains like this today.

In 1992, Wiki TV began airing a new soap opera called Jonathan's way. However, the soap opera was short-lived as it was canceled in 1993 due to low ratings.

On January 14, 1998, Nightscreen was launched which airs every Monday to Sunday from 3:00 am to 6:00 am.

On August 1, 2000, Wiki TV News channel was launched, however at the time, it was known as Wiki TV News 24. In the same year, Wiki TV began broadcasting in widescreen.

On January 5, 2004, Wiki TV Studios was formed, however it was known as Wiki Studios at the time.

On January 24, 2005, Wiki TV started airing 2 brand new shows, including For Better or Worse (a soap opera which is set in a starflower hospital) and The Roberts (which mainly focuses on the lives of the Roberts family).

On February 27, 2006, Wiki TV changed its look which lasted for 11 years.

On the Same Year, On April 19th, Wiki TV launched a new channel known as Wiki TV Play. However, it was shut down in March 2007 as part of the phone-In scandal. In the same year, Wiki Studios Launched Wiki TV World, an international TV channel that is aimed at people living outside Engary. The channel launched on April 16th, 3 days before Wiki TV Play launched.

On February 15th, 2010, Eric Texas joined the continuity announcer team and has been serving as the continuity announcer between 2010 to 2017 when he departed to move to TWO TV where he continues his career.

On January 10th, 2011, Matteo Cummings, the CEO of Wiki Studios, has announced that a new channel will launch, Known as Wiki TV Kids (which was originally a children's block). It was originally planned to launch from September, but the launch date was canceled when Matteo stepped down as the CEO. On November 20th, 2012, Wiki Studios has officially announced that Wiki TV Kids will launch from December 20th.

On July 18th, 2015, Wiki Studios has launched a yet another new channel, known as Wiki TV Sports.

In February 2016, Wiki Studios has announced that they will launch another new channel this year, known as Wiki TV Culture. It was launched on August 6th, however, it was a sports channel at the time under the name (Wiki TV Sports 2). On September 18th, Wiki TV Sports 2 was renamed to Wiki TV Culture, at 7:00 am.

On October 14th, 2017, Wiki TV Studios has announced that it will rebrand all of its channels and other Services beginning from November.

On November 14th (the same date when Wiki TV and all of its other channels and services got a new look) Wiki TV launched a new soap opera called (The World Down Under) a soap opera set in Australia.

In July 2018, Wiki TV began airing Stranded, a drama series that only airs during the summer.

In December of that same year, Wiki TV announced that it will cancel The World Down Under in order to make way for a new soap opera to begin airing, but at the time the name was not known.

On New Year's day 2019, Wiki TV started airing Dear Heirs, a comedy-drama series. The series was later proven so popular that a second season was renewed.

On January 30th, 2019, Wiki TV began airing the popular soap opera, Sunlance Street, a spin-off from For better or worse. It has been airing on the channel ever since.

On February 9th, 2020, Wiki TV began airing the Engarian version of The Masked Singer.

In the same month, on February 29th, Wiki TV began airing 2 mysterious promos to the channel during commercial breaks. The channel pointed out that something big will happen on March 15th. However, many viewers are unsure of what might happen on that date. It was later revealed that on March 15th, Wiki TV will rebrand the news channel, with a new studio and new graphics.

On March 2nd, Wiki TV has got a new look where the circle has been removed from the logo, leaving only the wordmark itself.

On that same month, on March 23rd, Wiki TV launched a campaign known as #StayAtHome. On that same date, Wiki TV has suspended filmings of Dear Heirs and Sunlance Street indefinitely due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Broadcast hours

  • 1950-1955 15:00pm to 22:59pm
  • 1955-1978: 15:00pm to 23:59pm
  • 1978-1990: 06:00am to 00:00am
  • 1990-1997: 07:00am to 02:00am
  • 1997-1998: 06:00am to 02:00am
  • 1998-present: 06:00am to 03:00am
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