Wiki TV Studios (Formerly known as Wiki Studios) is an Engarian national television broadcaster, serving across the country. It replaced the Engarian Broadcasting Service on December 21st, 2003 and it operates mostly television channels from the broadcaster. It is the second-largest television broadcaster in the country, with the other being TWO TV Group.


On December 21st, 2003, Engarian Broadcasting Service announced that it will shut down from next year due to financial problems. A few days later, it was confirmed that Wiki Studios will be formed from January 2004.

On January 5th, 2004, the day when Wiki studios were formed, a launch party was held in the Wiki TV Broadcasting Center in Komapest, not long when Wiki TV moved it's headquarters there. the headquarters was opened by then-president Rob Harrison.

On April 16th, 2006, Wiki Studios launched a new channel, known as Wiki TV World (Known as Wiki TV International at the time). 3 Days later, they launched Wiki TV Play as well.

However, in 2007, Wiki TV Play shut down due to the Phone-In scandal. in that same year, Matteo Cummings was named as the CEO of Wiki Studios, with Archie Harris named as the Chief Financial Officer.

In 2011, Matteo stepped down as CEO of Wiki Studios, with Lionel Langosh named as the new CEO.

A year later, in 2012, Wiki TV Kids was launched, which was originally a children's block that ran on Wiki TV 2 between 1986-2010.

in 2015, Wiki TV Sports was launched, and it has since then become the most-watched sports channel in the country.

1-year later, in 2016, Wiki Studios launched Wiki TV Culture, but it was known as Wiki TV Sports 2 at the time.

In 2017, Wiki Studios has announced that all of its channels and other services will have a completely new look. it occurred on November 13th, 2017. Wiki Studios has also changed its name and it is now known as Wiki TV Studios.

On April 6th, 2020, Wiki TV Kids, Wiki TV Culture, and Wiki TV World have received a new look and later adopted the variation of the main channel's idents and theme music. However, some channels like Wiki TV News Channel and Wiki TV Sports were not affected by the rebrand.

On the same day, Wiki TV Studios revived Wiki TV Retro as the television channel, which was previously an online exclusive channel. The website itself will still operate.

On July 17th of that same year, Wiki TV Studios announced a new sports channel that will launch, called Wiki TV Sports+. This was done to celebrate 5 years since the launch of Engary's most-watched sports channel, Wiki TV Sports. The channel is expected to launch in September.




  • Wiki TV Play
  • Wiki TV Sports 2 (Replaced by Wiki TV Culture)



  • Wiki TV Online
  • Wiki TV Hub
  • Wiki TV Nightscreen


  • Wiki TV Player
  • Wiki TV 3D
  • Wiki TV Plus
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