William Korhonen, aka Willy Korho, is a web series host who has hosted William Reviews since 2011.


William was born in Concord, Massachusetts at Emerson Hospital into a working class Finnish-American family with a long history with the railroad industry (William's great-grandfather, a immigrant from Helsinki, had worked for the Nickel Plate Road). As a child, he and his brother mostly watched anime and cartoons on his brother's VHS tapes and DVD's along with some kids shows on PBS Kids and Toon Disney (the family had DirecTV (with the company's special TiVo equipment) when William was young).

When he was 16, he created his VidSpace account WillyKorho and uploaded the first William Review in 2011, which was of The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course. The earlier reviews consisted of footage ripped via a "cheapo Taiwanese capture card bought from the clearance aisle at Best Buy" from either the old Pioneer DVL-909 DVD/Laserdisc player combo he had or a Sony SLV-575UC VCR interspersed with still images and William's voice (while the Pioneer DVL-909 is now in storage to issues reading discs, the Sony SLV-575UC still works and is used for VHS tapes by William).

In 2014, William moved from his then-current location of Ayer, Massachusetts to Chattanooga, Tennessee, feeling unhappy with live in Massachusetts. He moved again to Nashua, New Hampshire in 2018.

In 2020, he was featured in the TheEverythingFanboy Quarantine Special.

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