Win-olies (Clyohrairan: Aeses#n~miul) is the tenth largest city in Clyohraira. The city was once known for its highest Shinto population in Clyohraira, so that's why is was referred to as the City of Rairan Shintos, but in 2001, the Government of Clyohraira declared a ban on Shintoism, this ban also includes anything that has origins, inspired and/or related to Shintoism, its culture and its practices, and the government demolished any buildings that are Shinto, like the Tplarbe Shrine.


Top view of Win-olies in 1957 before the completion of the Tplarbe Shrine

Top view of Win-olies in 1959 after the completion of the Tplarbe Shrine

After the first nuclear bomb (called BE15DL Alphad) was tested by the Government of Kadersaryina, a government-owned construction company called, Goydcayd, which started the construction of the Tplarbe Shrine for the Saryinan Shinto religious leader named, Avlzodsve Tplarbe, eventually more government-owned construction companies were involved to construct a new town called Win-olies. When the companies started the construction, the grass was covered up by mostly Limestone and Shale, the rest is the materials for the Tplarbe Shrine and at the time, concrete was used for the roads in the Region of Raira instead of Asphalt, because Asphalt in the Region of Raira are not as commonly used as concrete, so the roads at the time looked very outdated, by late 1950s standards.

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