Windmill: The Official Album is a compilation album consisting of songs that are associated with the Jetanie children's programming strand in the 1970s, Windmill. These include theme tunes and other songs that were heard in the strand's "yellow" section.

Windmill: The Official Album was released sometime in 1976 as a promotional release. It was then re-released on 5th September, 2004 for the 30th anniversary of Windmill. Following the death of Taylor Ridley in 2019, a rare CD version of the album with her signature written on it was sold for €969.


Windmill: The Official Album was released as a promotional vinyl in 1976, and consisted of the theme tunes for all the strand's programmes that were broadcast during the "yellow" section, with the exception of the theme tunes for The Terrible Tins and Mr. Lister (the latter had not been made at the time). It was possibly the first time the theme tune for Meals on Wheels was revealed to the public.

Track listing

* indicates track has no official name, so is named after the show it appears in.

Original 1976 release

Side One

  1. "Windmill! (extended)"
  2. "Sphero"*
  3. "Come with Us"
  4. "Theme of the Treets"
  5. "Crazy Cade"*
  6. "Meals on Wheels"*
  7. "It's What Friends Can Do For You"

Side Two

  1. "The Yellow Zone (extended)"
  2. "The Golden Treet's Song"
  3. "The Way You Are"
  4. "I Knew It Was You"
  5. "One Way"
  6. "Curtains"


"Windmill!" was sampled in Tone Riddles' 1999 single "Over the Rainbow".

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