Window Lifestyle Media is an American publisher of books and magazines headquartered in Provo, Utah, 47 minutes away from Salt Lake City, with publishing bureaus/branch offices in Las Colinas, Texas and New York City, New York. It was founded in 1990 by Justin Rescorla Sr. after his purchase of Coasters and Magic Window Magazine, both based out of Provo, Utah, Railfans & Railroading, based out of Dallas, and Fantasy Stories, based out of New York City. The company also owns catalog company Buy & Mail.


Window Lifestyle Media originally started off with just Coasters, Fantasy Stories, Railfans & Railroading and Magic Window Magazine as titles, but in 1994 began publishing Amusements Unlimited, Arcade Magazine and Zoos & Aquariums.



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  • Andrew Brugmann-Bott was originally going to be CEO, but due to his age, he was not made CEO.
  • Window Lifestyle Media have run into some cases of legal trouble throughout their history:
    • In 2014, the Zoos & Aquariums Facebook page wrote a vulgar rant on PETA, saying "SeaWorld is f***in' ok y'all beast lovers suck" which got criticism from PETA. six hours later, it was deleted, the employee was fired, and Zoos & Aquariums said it was written by an intoxicated employee.
    • In 2018, lawyers representing the animal rights group In Defense of Animals sent Window Lifestyle Media a cease-and-desist order because writers for Zoos & Aquariums made fun of the organization's annual "10 worst zoos for elephants" list in a column and several other articles. This then evolved into a full-on lawsuit the next year. Window Lifestyle Media prevailed in the lawsuit, and recovered their attorneys' fees, based on the court's determination that the statements made in Zoos & Aquariums were legitimate criticism of In Defense of Aimals' stances and tactics, and therefore protected speech.
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