Windows 1.0 is a bootleg game made by Jogos Brasileiros based on the First Version of Windows (which came out a month after the NES got Released).



Reversi on This Bootleg Game.

Once you start the Game, You Are Greeted with The Desktop, You Could even play Reversi, Super Mario Bros. Was Even Included with this Thing, Which caused in Legal Issues, Unlike the Original, It Has Sound, This Time in 8-Bit, The NSF of the Game had Music Leftover from Other Games from The Developer.


  • Xin Kingpin Imported the Game to China.
  • It is more advanced than the original as PCs are less powerful than the NES back in the 80s.
  • In the GDQ tournament in Brazil, some one used this game to play SMB1.
  • This game was ranked in #3 on the most impressive NES ports, behind Double Dragon and the Toy Story bootleg.
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