Windows XD is an American-British animated TV show airing in 2010.


Windows XD has a weirdy world, which all are look-alikes.

But with no matter, Linux begins his plans to destroy the Windows' OSnimals and rule the mighty world with Mac, somehow having no type of OSnimal, but is an OSnimal. Windows XD and friends need to stop Linux and the other Linux, called Linux bornys.


  • Windows XD - The mother of Windows XP, she always makes mean jokes about Linux when she has time, and yes, the other windows like the jokes.
  • Linux - The main villian. Likes cereal and hates jokes.
  • Unubuntu - Another main villian.
  • Windows XP - the son of Windows XD.
  • Windows ME - Always making mistakes, the mom of Windows XD.
  • Windows 2000 - The mom of Windows ME
  • Windows 98 - The mom of Windows 2000.
  • Windows 95 - The mom of Windows 98.
  • Windows Uista - The daughter of Windows XD, but Windows XD always says no.
  • Windows Vista - Despite the fact she is not at all like Windows XP, Windows XP is her dad.
  • Windows 8 - The mother of Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 - A baby.

Windows 93 - Looks nothing like them.


  • Pink Splat
  • Pink Splat.exe


  • Windows 3.1 - The dad of Windows 95.
  • Windows 3.0 - Never born anyone, but created Windows 3.1 and turned him to life.
  • Windows 2.03 - Hates Windows 2.0, is a ghost.
  • Windows 2.0 - Mom of Windows 3.0 and great great grandma of the Windows family.
  • Windows 1.0 - Dad of Windows 2.0 and great great grandpa of the Windows family
  • Windows 0 - Ghost born in 1977.


On November 16, 2011, Rotten Tomatos rated Season 2 of Windows XD 1.6 because it was filled with childish and said-but-not-really-mean parody episodes. On later, the full DVD of Season 3 was rated M, forwell because the rating system said they hated the season.

SOPA and PIPA protest episodes

  • Unknown scopes
  • Not cool bads.
  • 90s classics - They're free!

90s classic-like episodes

  • Some hedgehog roaming in my room - This episode does not have a 90s Classic, but only because the first game of the series was made in 1991

Drawing episodes

  • Linux Age 27
  • Chaos Kirby


Windows XD was later turned into a series of Media.

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