Wolf Howl is an El Kadsreian animated supernatural teen drama television series created by Julian Broadway for ETVKK. It is about Max Eve, a teenage boy living in Eirabourne who is bitten by a werewolf and is able to turn into one. The first season was originally ran from January 9 to January 16, 2017.

Because ETVKK's original programs are supposed to be aimed at children, the young adult-focused series has meet with criticism, despite it being aired at 11:00 PM, due to its "inappropriate" content. On May 26, 2018, PPE Entertainment, the distributor of Wolf Howl, announced that the show was cancelled due to the criticism it was met with.

However, in August 2019, Julian Broadway announced that the show had been revived for a second season. The new season ran from February 29 to March 7, 2020, and increased the criticism of the series. Despite this, a third season is scheduled for broadcast sometime in April 2021.


In Eirabourne, El Kadsre, a teenage boy named Max Eve (Vincent Stabler) lives with his father (Nolan Duland) and mother (Jennifer Lara). One night, Julian wanders into a forest near his house and is bitten by a werewolf, transforming him into one. Now, he is able to use his powers whenever he wishes.

Conception and development

Julian Broadway claims he created Wolf Howl when he wanted to make an animated series about "a teen werewolf doing teen stuff". He pitched his ideas for it to Everest Animation, who agreed to animate the series. ETVKK volunteered to air the series late at night.

Voice cast and characters


The series has been met with criticism for its "cliché" plot and suggestive themes. calls it "the worst teen drama on El Kadsreian television".

Criticism and controversy

Wolf Howl has been with criticism because ETVKK original programs are supposed to be aimed at children, and this one is not. Entertainment magazine Paragraf stated that the series has no business being on ETVKK because of its "inappropriate" content, including sexual themes, adult language, drug use, and bloody violence. Paragraf's Jordan Bera stated, "ETVKK had no business airing an original show that was rated M, even if it is late at night or early in the morning." Julian Broadway responded with, "One of ETVKK's presenters created a very 'not for kids' sketch comedy. Why are you complaining?"

On March 8, 2017, VirtuallyNews posted on their blog, "ETVKK's new demographic might be edgy 16-year-old boys with the premiere of an M-rated teen drama called Wolf Howl."

On December 1, 2017, voice actor Josh Hum posted on LifeConnect:

Wolf Howl is an interesting show. but why is it on ETVKK? this is what ETVK3 is for

On October 7, 2019, YourToonSource's Olhim Dee stated:

Considering that Wolf Howl is a very controversial series that was created by a man who created a perverted web series, this series has no business on a free-to-air television channel that targets the children of our fair country. With ETVKK having 5.27% audience share nationwide, children are being exposed to violence, sex, and language through a series aimed at adults. It is best the series is moved to El TV Kadsre 3 or straight-to-video.


On January 3, 2019, screenwriter Todd Lynder filed a lawsuit against Julian Broadway, claiming that the idea for Wolf Howl came from an animated series he pitched to El TV Kadsre Animation that was rejected. Lynder also had art of a character who looked similar to Max Eve with similar-looking werewolf and wolf forms. However, the charges were annulled because these were neither plot points nor episode ideas.


Season 1

No. in season No. overall Title Written by Directed by Original air date
1 1 "Bitten" (Part 1) Julian Broadway & Drake Drew Julian Broadway January 9, 2017
2 2 "Beast" (Part 2) Drake Drew, Paul Robbie, and Andrew D. Long Mia Kayman January 10, 2017
3 3 "Power" (Part 3) Martin Goodman Marc French January 11, 2017
4 4 "Tiger" Julian Broadway & Kim Namer Chris Amaz January 12, 2017
5 5 "Shedding" Billy Fean Robert Sydney & Kate Lynn Harp January 13, 2017
6 6 "Fear" Billy Fean & Martin Goodman Robert Sydney January 14, 2017
7 7 "Eyes" Julian Broadway & Nora Mang Chris Amaz January 15, 2017
8 8 "Blood" Martin Goodman & Harry Sun Marc French January 16, 2017

Season 2

No. in season No. overall Title Written by Directed by Original air date
1 9 "Insane" (Part 1) Julian Broadway & Drake Drew Chris Amaz February 29, 2020o
2 10 "Fooled" (Part 2) Drake Drew & Paul Robbie Mia Kayman March 1, 2020
3 11 "Overtime" Martin Goodman & Curtis Darey Marc French March 2, 2020
4 12 "N.O.W." Julian Broadway Casper Schneider March 3, 2020
5 13 "Soldier" Billy Fean, Jerry German, and Gloria Eighkaume Robert Sydney March 4, 2020
6 14 "Feral" Evan Luis Kenneth Makkudo, Rob Richi, and Alexander Kubuckah March 5, 2020
7 15 "Blood" Nora Mang & Edward Marshall Miguenes Chris Amaz March 6, 2020
8 16 "Vision" Harry Sun Marc French March 7, 2020

Season 3

No. in season No. overall Title Written by Directed by Original air date
1 17 "Clan" TBA TBA April 2021


Wolf Howl is produced by Broadway's Box of Donuts Productions and The Farr/Durane Studio. The series is recorded by Dark Cell Audio at their headquarters in Madwyn. The animation is produced by Everest Animation at their studio in Capulco.


Wolf Howl is broadcast on ETVKK at 11:00 PM.

International broadcast

Region Country Network(s) Premiere date Notes
Europe Euro Republics ETV Two September 19, 2017 Unlike ETVKK, ETV Two is aimed at young adults.


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