Wonderbeaver is a 2003 animated series produced by Nelvana and Act III Productions based off "It's the Wonderbeaver" by Brian Jacques and Phelan Morkel. The series' theme song was performed by British ska band Madness and was released as a single in 2004 by Virgin Records.

The series aired from October 4, 2003 to May 21, 2005 on Kids' WB. It has been rerun on Azteca América (dubbed in Spanish) and Range. The series ran for 65 episodes in it's first season and 33 episodes in it's second season, bringing the total number to 98.

Midway through Season 2, Wonderbeaver and her team, Wonderbeaver & Team Co. Thing, teamed up with characters from the Warriors novels by Erin Hunter and the show became Wonderbeaver and the Warriors. This was done to keep the rights for the characters after Nelvana's original attempt at an adaptation was cancelled by PBS Kids due to low ratings.


Wonderbeaver & Team Co. Thing

  • Wonderbeaver (voiced by Martha MacIsaac) - Melissa Jawtooth is an anthropomorphic beaver adopted by a human family who is an excelled high school cheerleader. As Wonderbeaver, she is able to leap buildings "in a single bound, sort of, kind of... maybe". What happened to her original family depends on the episode, with one episode saying they were killed crossing the road and another saying that they "vanished into thin air due to an error in Mother Nature's already faulty algorithms"
  • Nitpick (voiced by Joanne Vannicola) - An alien being found by Melissa of whom he chose to become Wonderbeaver.
  • Mark Jawtooth (voiced by Rick Jones) - Melissa's adoptive older brother.
  • Ronny Jawtooth (voiced by C. Owen Koehler) - Mark's brother and Melissa's other adoptive older brother.
  • Dadler "Dad" Jawtooth (voiced by Seth Kerry) - The Jawtooth family dad, handyman, and the former bassist of a 1980's new wave band known as "Eaaaaaaaar?!?"
  • Ernest the Fluffy (vocal effects by Jaime Reilly) - Originally Big Toenail Smith's pet chupacabra, he was adopted by Wonderbeaver after Big Toenail Smith died of "plot convenience syndrome" in prison.


  • Kelly Hankenberger (voiced by Jackie Stephens) - One of Mark's high school classmates who assists Wonderbeaver and her friends.
  • Ashlee Oingo (voiced by Rachel Luttrell) - Mark's girlfriend and the "resident token black" who assists Wonderbeaver and her friends.
  • Principal Stuart Traversari (voiced by Sean Mills) - The principal of Local High School, where Melissa is educated. A benefactor by trade, he often bankrolls Wonderbeaver's heroic actions.
  • President Nebraska Williams (voiced by Jaime Reilly) - The President of the United States and, in his salad days, the writer of a few Broadway smash hits. He assists Wonderbeaver after founding out about her identity.
  • Big Sky Skylar (voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern) - A British explorer. She was formerly a member of Big Toenail Smith's entourage before turning good (against her own will).
  • The Mayor (voiced by Sean Mills) - The mayor of Localland.

The Toilet Men
A team of superhero janitors who regularly save the world from clogged toilets. Allied with Wonderbeaver & Team Co. Thing.

The Warrior Cats
A team of wild cats with intelligence Mark accidentally let loose in an attempt to dodge Wonderbeaver's usual incompetence. Allied with Wonderbeaver & Team Co. Thing.

  • Firestar (voiced by Roland Parliament) - The leader of the team and a member of ThunderClan.
  • Bluestar (voiced by Jackie Stephens) - A member of ThunderClan.
  • Brightheart (voiced by Denise Oliver) - A member of ThunderClan.
  • Cloudtail (voiced by Ray Molina) - A member of ThunderClan.
  • Onestar (voiced by Denise Oliver) - A member of WindClan.
  • Deadfoot (voiced by Rick Jones) - A member of WindClan.


Marino and His "Evil" Henchmen

  • Doctor Marino Om (voiced by Jaime Reilly) - The main antagonist and one of Wonderbeaver's "greatest" enemies. His name is an anagram of "I'm a moron"
  • The Evil Henchmen - Marino's evil servants.
    • Raja (voiced by Jackie Stephens) - A creature created when Marino crossed a komodo dragon with the DNA of Genghis Khan, Guy Fawkes, Benito Mussolini, Maximilien Robespierre and Larry Blackmon.
    • Mr. Zwink (voiced by Joe Rotzinger) - A old alien man riding an incredibly slow scooter.
    • Edward Raindrop (voiced by Ray Molina) - A Victorian circus strongman brought back from the dead by Marino. He was originally named "Enron Raindrop" in Season 1 but was renamed for the second season as a result of Bethany McLean, the author of The Smartest Guys in the Room, threatening Nelvana with legal action (even though McLean didn't own the Enron trademark).
    • Raynaldo (voiced by Eddie Korbich) - A camp gay antihero with a effeminate personality. He formerly worked as a singer for JAM Creative Productions before he was kidnapped by Marino and turned evil.
    • Critico (voiced by Edward Glen) - A music critic. According to an interview with Phelan Morkel, he was based off Blender magazine editor Craig Marks, whom Morkel had an grudge against.
    • The Evil Spy (voiced by Jaime Reilly) - An agent of Marino dressed in a 1980's fashion style who is sent to infiltrate Local High School. According to Phelan Morkel, his real name is E. Phil Spyros.

Underlord's Empire

  • Underlord (voiced by Soupy Sales) - Evil overlord of Pluto and one of Wonderbeaver's biggest enemies.
  • Henchmen of Underlord - Underlord's servants.
    • Ronfalzo (voiced by Jaime Reilly) - Underlord's head henchmen, an anthropomorphic snake with a Argentine accent. Is dating Raja.
    • Fliphead (voiced by Mark Worthington) - An evil dolphin man.
    • Cra'bazhak (voiced by Jaime Reilly) - Underlord's most dangerous henchman, an anthropomorphic Mongolian death worm.
    • Doggy Fred (voiced by Sean Mills) - Fred Tedougal is a werewolf from the United Kingdom.
    • The Corrosive Cobra (voiced by C. Owen Koehler) - An anthropomorphic cobra with toxic and radioactive powers.
    • Jani-Thor (voiced by Hank Jeroem) - Luke Hanky is a janitor equipped with the "plunger of doom". He is the arch-enemy of the Toilet Men.

Grandpa's Clown Mafia

Big Toenail Smith's Entourage

  • Big Toenail Smith (voiced by Richard Newman) - An aged big game hunter who hunts both endangered animals and animal rights activists (to Mark's slight agreement). After being defeated, he vowed revenge in prison only to die from "plot convenience syndrome"
  • Big Banana Bob (voiced by Bruce Christoferson) - A banana farmer from Hawaii.
  • Big Hand Andrews (voiced by Jaime Reilly) - A puppeteer who was driven insane after his audition to be the new Kermit the Frog after Jim Henson was rejected.

Tigerclaw's Evil Cat Gang

  • Tigerclaw (voiced by Tyrone Savage) - The leader of the Evil Cat Gang.
  • Clawface (voiced by Tyrone Savage) - The second-in-command of the Evil Cat Gang.
  • Blackstar (voiced by Tyrone Savage) - The "bodyguard" of the Evil Cat Gang.

Recurring Characters

  • Bobby "The Spyin' Ace" Bobberson (voiced by Ray Molina) - Localland's resident helicopter reporter. In Season 1, he was never fully seen but recognized by a white and red helicopter. In Season 2, he is seen both in and out of his helicopter. He also moonlights as an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas on the weekends.
  • Detective Derek Heckler (voiced by C. Owen Koehler) - A police detective who investigates Wonderbeaver's actions. He was killed offscreen at the start of Season 2 in a "freak cooking accident" that the Local Police forensics team said was "best left unsolved"
  • Detective Scott Tedougal (voiced by Jaime Reilly) - Doggy Fred's son and the replacement for Derek Heckler in Season 2.
  • Officer Kimmy Kimbelo (voiced by R. Lucy Johnson) - A police officer. She is Lisa Perniola's aunt, two times removed.
  • Lisa Perniola (voiced by Serah Kerry) - A ballerina and one of Mark's classmates. She is a lesbian, though her sexuality was rarely brought up due to network censorship fearing boycotts.
  • Keisha Singh (voiced by Shreya Kavita Aluri) - An Indian-American girl and one of Mark's classmates.

Elvis' Beach Kingdom

  • Elvis Presley, King of Beachia (voiced by Mark Worthington) - In the Wonderbeaver universe, Elvis Presley faked his death and became the ruler of a kingdom called Beachia, located off the Tongan coast.
  • Lady Lane (voiced by Jackie Stephens) - Elvis' wife and Queen of Beachia.

Principal voice actors

Additional Voices


Composer Zoltán Erőss utilized G&L guitars, Yamaha Drums percussion equipment and Roland keyboards in his score for the series. The music was recorded at the Eross Productions studio in Mississauga with sound mixer Zachary Eross.

Awards and nominations

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2004 Wonderbeaver GLAAD Media Award for Special Recognition Won
Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production Nominated
Martha MacIsaac (for voicing Melissa Jawtooth / Wonderbeaver) Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Voice Acting, Female
Zoltán Erőss (Season 1 score) Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Music in an Animated Television Production
Raymond Jafelice (ep. "I've Lost My Love!) Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Directing in an Animated Television Production
2005 Wonderbeaver Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Animated Program Nominated
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