Azara Airlines is the largest fictional by its fleet size, revenue, profit, passengers carried, revenue passenger mile, assets value, market capitalization, number of employees, freight tonne-kilometers, number of countries, and destinations served.

Rank Airline Country/territory Passengers Fleet Countries Routes Destinations
1 Azara Airlines Flag of Azara Azara 199,700,000 960 676 18000+ 17575
2 Air El Kadsre Flag of El Kadsre (1989-present) El Kadsre
3 YinYangia Airways Flag of YinYangiaYinYangia
4 Air Grassland Abbeylea Grassland 50,032,000 680 121 1,524 100
5 Lechutan Airlines Flag of Lechutan Lechutan
6 Fedaria Airlines Republic of Fedaria Fedaria
7 Maddoxian Airlines MaddoxiaFlag2 Maddoxia
8 Barokian Airlines Flag of Barokia Barokia
9 Celdonia Airlines Celdonian Flag Celdonia
10 Kenslines Flag of Kensland Kensland
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