Albinson Holdings, LLC, d/b/a World Championship Wrestling (WCW) is a Magisterian professional wrestling promotion that was established on February 20, 1951 (as World Championship Wrestling, LLC) and on February 9, 1982 (as Albinson Holdings, LLC).


In late-1979 to mid-1980, The Origins of WCW started, in a UWF TV episode on December 20, 1980, Devin Albinson made a promo, after the promo, Albinson mentions a non-existant promotion "World Championship Wrestling".

In 1981, WCW was established as the second big brand behind WEW.

WCW's Flagship Program, Supernitro currently is the second most watched wrestling program in Magisteria behind WEW Dynamite.


Name Brand Notes
WCW Championship WCW Supernitro
WCW Tag Team Championship
WCW Intercontinental Championship
WCW International Championship
WCW Women's Championship
WCW Universal Heavyweight Championship
WCW Junior Heavyweight Championship WCW Saturday Morning Slam
WCW Magisterian Excellence Championship
WCW Legends Championship
WCW World Hardcore Championship
WCW United States Championship
WCW Pure Heavyweight Championship
WCW Light Heavyweight Championship WCW Supernitro and Saturday Morning Slam
WCW Grand Heavyweight Championship
WCW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship It can be defended in a Deathmatch

Shows and Events

Name Date started Date discontinued Notes
WCW WrestleMania March 31, 1978 WCW WrestleMania happens every year
WCW World Rumble January 27, 1980
WCW Hardcore Bash October 29, 1987
WCW Over the Limit August 31, 1988
WCW Fastlane February 23, 1989
WCW Breaking Point June 27, 1990 Happens every June
WCW King of the Ring November 25, 1990
WCW Supernitro January 1, 1990 It airs daily
WCW Saturday Morning Slam January 6, 1990 It airs every Saturday Morning
WCW Money in the Bank June 27, 2009 Happens every June
WCW The Survival December 20, 1992
WCW Night of the Champions September 30, 1991
WCW The End of the 2nd M. December 31, 2000 December 31, 2000 WCW's Event for the End of the 2nd Millennium
WCW The Start of the 3rd M. January 1, 2001 January 1, 2001 WCW's Event for the Start of the 3rd Millennium

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