Wuzzleburg Rewritten is an American-British animated television series produced by 1happycats Productions. It is a continuation of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!.


Season 1

  1. In The Egg
  2. Where Has Wubbzy Gone?
  3. Poisoned Wubbzy
  4. Noodles For Poodle Doodles
  5. Wubbzy Gets Caught
  6. Finding The Glowing Rainbow Crystal
  7. Just A Lovely Girl
  8. Locked In School
  9. A Song Of Three
  10. Moo Moo's Finale Of Magic
  11. Walden's Buried Treasure
  12. Wubbzy's Current Location
  13. Breakfast, Brunch and Brinner
  14. An Asteroid Journey Into Space
  15. Dancing With Daizy
  16. Advancing Gym Class
  17. A Witchy Story
  18. Great Fall Marathon
  19. Kickity Kick Ball Day
  20. Daizy and the Creepy Forest
  21. Stuck On The Back
  22. The Wishing Well
  23. Wubbzy's Perfect Holiday
  24. Who's That Boy?
  25. The Big Bully
  26. Where's My Kickety Kick Ball?
  27. The Magic Carpet
  28. Sports Competition
  29. Odd One Out
  30. A Sunsational Surprise
  31. Happy Birthday, Daizy!
  32. Bad Boy Wubbzy

Season 2

  1. Friendship Over
  2. Magnet Madness
  3. The Ghost Of Wuzzlewood
  4. Wubbzy's Broken Foot
  5. Wubbzy And The Beanstalk
  6. Wubbzy And The Leaning Tower of Wuzzleburg
  7. Jack's First Day Of School
  8. Who Are Those Creatures?
  9. Gidget Returns
  10. The Wuzzlewood Song
  11. The Wuzzlewood Dance Recital
  12. Bring Andy Back!
  13. Four Boys And A Baby
  14. Power Play
  15. Detective Walden
  16. The Big Surprise
  17. Walden's Birthday Party
  18. W-w-wet W-W-Wubbzy
  19. The King Of Wuzzleberg
  20. The Wuzzleberg Talent Show
  21. Jack The Chef
  22. The Two Wubbzys
  23. Wake Up, Wubbzy!
  24. The Grand Prix
  25. The Spooky Party
  26. The Haunted Mansion
  27. Wubbzy-Noia!
  28. The Five Heroes Of Wuzzleberg
  29. The Wow Wow Wubbzy Inn
  30. The House Of Vampires

Season 3

  1. Wubbzy and Candy
  2. The Art Of The Brains
  3. The Blue Island
  4. Jack And The Crew
  5. Owl Does It
  6. The Blooey Blues Return
  7. Zoo-napped
  8. Blacked Out
  9. Last Day Of School
  10. The Nursery Caretakers
  11. All Splashed Up
  12. My Robot!
  13. Feel The Owl Keen
  14. My Favorite Hero
  15. HooHoo's Dilemma
  16. Not You At All
  17. The Arrival Of My Siblings
  18. Get That Ghost!
  19. First Time We've Met
  20. Escape From Camp Creepy
  21. Let's Prank!
  22. My Best Birthday!
  23. Tough Moments
  24. The New Child
  25. My New Little Sibling
  26. Oh, My!


Wubbzy and Daizy's Time-Travel Adventure

Wubbzy and Daizy take on a trip to the future, where fun and adventure await them.

Fight to the Finish

Wubbzy and his friends take on various challenges to keep Wuzzleberg from danger, from Mt Fizzy Pop erupting green goo to stopping a dark vortex from swallowing everything in its path.

Wubbzy's Epic Yarn

A witch turns everything into yarn. This movie is a spoof of Kirby's Epic Yarn.

A Wuzzleburg Wedding

Mayor Woozle is getting married, but Wubbzy suspects his bride is evil.

Too Many Memories

A terrible accident causes misery for everyone in Wuzzleburg.


  • The show was originally going to be called Walden is Stupid and have most episodes centered around Walden.
    • Prior to this show's production, an edited version of the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode "Perfecto Party" titled Walden is Stupid: Not-Perfecto Party was released in March 2012. It involved Walden attempting to wreck Wubbzy's party by making a dangerous recipe called the "Food of Doom".
      • Even prior to the original short's completion, Walden is Stupid was supposed to be a one-off, with other shorts titled Wubbzy is Stupid and Widget is Stupid planned.
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