Xamdud Majjad was an Iraqi-born Barokian politician who was the 12th president of Barokia. He was the president of Barokia for 8 years.


He was born on Baghdad to the Arab parents in 1933. His father, Ali Ajbariyah Qabul, was an Iraqi-born Barokian imam who was the founder of Jame Ajbariyah Mosque in Orgoz. He went to Iraq for his vacation with his wife who was the housewife of his house, Ijmailia Laqbul Qabul.

Xamdud was well attended at school. He sometimes get detention when he does naughty things. He went to Australia to attend to the university at Sydney in 1959. He graduated there and then went to France to study law in 1967.

Xamdud married Minah Nurahiya Majjad when he was 42 in 1975. He joined Barokian Islamic Party in 1986 when he was 53 years old. In 2000, he was elected the president of Barokia until 2008 when Abdur Razzaq Chahuán was elected. He died in 2015 because of tuberculosis.

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