Xenika (pronounced kse-ni-ka or se-nai-ca) is a graphical operating developed and marketed by TPG since 1986, and it's a Linux kernel-based operating system.


Xenika has its roots from the release of Theorysonic's operating system, TS-OS 6, which included the LenseNet web browser. Theorysonic, Netspace, and TPG were developing modems both for telephone and LenseNet. TPG wanted to create its own operating system designed to compete with the TS-OS. The first version of Xenika, Xenika 1 was released in the Vlokozu Union on August 9, 1986, and it was an Unix-based operating system.

In 1998, TPG released Xenika 7, which featured DVD and USB support, also for fiber.

In 2001, TPG released Xenika 8, which featured HD resolution support.

Future developments of Xenika might base on rather Ubuntu, Gnome or the Android-based kernel.



  • Parallex web browser based on Star Web/RedStar and Chromium.
  • Xenoffice office suite.

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