Xenika 1 is the Unix-based operating system developed and released by TPG, and it is the first operating system in the Xenika series. Xenika 1 defaults a blue, white and orange color scheme. It was released on August 30, 1986.

The interface is highly customizable. Users are free to make and edit icons and cursors.

Xenika 1 can be booted on DOS by typing the run xen command. While booting up, it needed a Kickstarter disk to be inserted into floppy drive to boot up completely. An image of a simple illustration of a hand on a white screen, holding a blue Kickstarter floppy, like in the ads, invited the user to perform this operation. After the kickstart was loaded into a special section of memory called the writable control store (WCS), the image of the hand appeared again, this time inviting the user to insert the Xenika disk.


Xenika has its roots from the release of Theorysonic's operating system, TS-OS 6, which included the LenseNet web browser. Theorysonic, Netspace, and TPG were developing modems both for telephone and LenseNet. TPG wanted to create its own operating system designed to compete with the TS-OS. Xenika Premiere Edition, the release candidate version of Xenika was released on May 11, 1986, while the finalized first version of Xenika was released in the Vlokozu Union on August 30, 1986.

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