Xenon is an upcoming action-comedy film produced by Ross & Brenda Evans, and Samantha Shertick. It's a sequel to Neon, which was headed by their fathers Brad Evans and Stuart Shertick.

It is regarded as one of the most expensive and ambitious independent film productions in history.


Set 25 years after the first film, Ashley must teach her apprentice on her ways, before retiring.


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On October 7, 2017, the first clip of the movie was released as a teaser trailer. Back then, the film was renamed Neon Zero. The reception was positive and was initially mistaken for a prequel, but was corrected by Ross Evans later on.


  1. Liam was let go from the film in June 2018, after near completion of the principal photography. Dan, Jo and Max took over directing duties for the remaining weeks of scheduled principal photography and around two months of reshoots. It is unknown what the director credit on the final film will be.


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