Yasmin Michelle Beaches (b. 16th January 1978), better known as her stage name, Yahtzee, is a Jetanie rapper and producer. She is best known for being one of the four members of Jetanie hip hop group Young S.Cool.


Yasmin Beaches was born on 16th January 1978 in Apocofeild, Jetania. Beaches never met her father, who died five months before she was born. Due to a lack of motivation and attitude, Beaches barely went to school, often skipping classes. After realising she will not receive any qualifications in school, Beaches started developing an interest in hip-hop music, and with the help of her mother, Beaches managed to approach Jetanie rapper Big Beat in 1991, at the age of 13. Big Beat said Beaches had potential, but thought she would do better in a group, so agreed to create a hip-hop group with people her age.

Beaches coined her stage name, Yahtzee, in early 1992, saying ”I was thinking of a stage name such as Lucky, or Chancer, but thought it would sound stupid, so I went with Yahtzee, because that game requires luck and strategy, something you need in the industry.”

From 1992 to 2001, Yahtzee spent the majority of her time recording music with her new group, Young S.Cool, and fellow members Queen Cyprus, Galleon and Kick 8. The group seperated in October 2001 after Yahtzee started falling out with the other members, who wanted to focus on solo projects.

Yahtzee has released three albums since pursuing a solo career - So Not Solo, Nuh Uh: The Album and Graves.



As lead artist

Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications
(featuring MC Rock)
2002 3 17 55 43 10 18 11 50 So Not Solo
"Don't Know Yet" 2004 1 7 12 13 1 9 8 24
"Everything I Do"
(featuring Kick 8)
2007 1 15 14 1 22 19 94 Nuh Uh: The Album
"Hang In There" 2010 9 [1] 169 17 61
"Conditions" 2013 2 128 96 4 149 Graves
"True to This"
(featuring Roar)
2014 17 13
"Hip Hop Rules" 2017 5 108 6 143 [2] Chaotic Neutral
(featuring Pop Village, Flavia, Black Card and DJ Shoe)
2018 2 43 72 37 2 32 39 92


  1. Did not appear on the Ultratop 50 chart, but did peak at number 18 on the Ultratip chart.
  2. Did not appear on the Billboard Hot 100, but did peak at number 24 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.
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