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YinYang Incorporated or YYInc for short is YinYangia's national public broadcast television company that serves all of YinYangia. The company was founded in 1941 as Toralaq Broadcasting Corporation, as then was the Toralaq Republic. After YinYangia became independent and the Toralaq Republic was dissolved in 1999, TBC renamed to National Television Corporation and changed its name to YinYang Incorporated in 2006. In 1944, the flagship channel, YYInc TV1 was launched and became the national public broadcasting channel in YinYangia. The second TV channel, YYInc TV2 was launched in 1958. And the third TV channel, YYInc TV3 was launched in 1971.

In June 1, 2018, YinYang Incorporated updated their logo, along with their channels.

Here's the list of the full TV networks:

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