The YinYangian Pound (YYP) is the official currency of YinYangia.


The Pound (£) is also used in the United Kingdom, Syria, etc. It was first in the United Kingdom after YinYangia was formed in 1999, they decided to use pounds as their currency and named it the YinYangian Pound. But first, when the Toralaq Republic existed in 1936 to 1999, the currency was Dollar (Toralaq Dollar; Tworkistiq Tawlar). But then it was replaced with Pound when YinYangia became independent.



Note Obverse design Main color Window image Printed
£5 Andros Karlinos Green "5" 1999-present
£10 James K. Andrea Yellow "10" 1999-present
£20 Dazhong Xingwan Red "20" 1999-present
£50 Dixang Wangdong Lavender "50" 1999-present
£100 Andro Ungamang Platinum "100" 1999-present
£200 Dwinchong Adxing Gold "200" 2001-present
£500 Wangdong Zhingxing Light Blue "500" 2000-present


Value Color Edge Minted
1c Bronze Plain 1999-present
2c Silver 1999-present
5c Gold 1999-present
10c Light Silver 1999-present
20c Gold 1999-present
50c Platinum 2001-present
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