Not to be confused with the Japanese anime producer of the same name

'Yoko Matsushita' (Japanese: 松下 陽子, Hepburn: 'Matsushita Yōko') (born January 11, 1978) is the CEO of El TV Kadsre Television Network since 2009. She is the great-granddaughter of the founder of El TV Kadsre Television Network, Ryouichi Matsushita.


Yoko was born to Kenji Matsushita and Sun Chung in 1978 in the British Virgin Islands. Her father fled El Kadsre for the United Kingdom in anger after the Matsushita family began negotiations to sell El TV Kadsre Television Network to Vlokozuian Media Union. She and her parents then moved to South Korea when she was 7, and as of today she still has a noticeable Korean accent. Upon her parents' return to El Kadsre following the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, she was automatically granted El Kadsreian citizenship.

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