NOTE: This review takes place in-universe where Drake of The 99 Dragons actually started its franchise in 2001 with the animated series, and where the game was also an adaptation of said franchise.

Rating on the Stinks Scale

5 out of 5


  • The game is an adaptation of the popular Drake franchise
  • Speaking of which, the game didn't ruin the franchise's popularity, which is a good thing
  • The artwork on the box and loading screens are more like the animated series and comics created by Marcus Thorell, the man behind Drake himself, who also directed the game and composed its soundtrack, although Jaydee and The Moinx didn't help out
  • The PC version managed to fix the bugs


  • The story, which is based off of the first season of the original animated series, has been redone to make ABSOLUTELY no sense whatsoever!
  • Drake doesn't have his ability to take disguises in the game! In the original series and comics, he does, why not this game?!
  • The controls are laggy and doesn't have an aiming reticle on the Xbox version
  • The cutscenes look HORRENDOUS as hell, definitely not like the original series
  • The animation is lazy and the characters don't move their lips when speaking at all! In fact, you can't even tell if they're speaking or narrating
  • The cutscenes look rushed, even the plot of the cutscenes are rushed
  • The ability to freeze time is somehow easy to activate, especially during the end credits of the game, which is another reason why the controls suck
  • The game is the main reason why the developer, Idol FX AB, had shut down. The people behind the game should be ashamed of themselves for not keeping Marcus' Drake touch in the game
  • Speaking of which, Marcus Thorell said that he was disappointed in the game when it was released, and sent a character drawing of Drake holding out his middle finger to the remaining developers behind the game as a small punishment for what they did
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