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"(The Pink Panther Theme plays at 30 seconds before Kenny starts to say) (Insert names of contestants) All played right here on YOUR HOOOOOOOME'S LIFE!!!!!!! Now here's your host, the star of Your Home's Life, BOBBBBBBBY VAN!!!!!" - Kenny Williams

Your Home's Life is a 1978 unsold game show pilot created and directed by Jerome Shaw, hosted by Bobby Van, announced by Kenny Williams, produced by Robert Noah for Heatter-Quigley and it was taped on June 5, 1978, at NBC Studios. NBC, however, won't pick up because the network deemed too similar to The Price is Right on CBS.


The gameplay is about to play with four 6-minute mini-games, except The Big Wheel which lasted about 1 minute:

  • Trapped Shopper: A shopping cart is about to play while trapping when the contestant solves it right.
  • Circuit: A number-based game where he skilled with trivia on the circuit board.
  • The Big Wheel: Similar to Showcase Showdown, where Bobby Van spun the wheel.
  • Shopper's Number Rollout: A contestant is to roll the numbers to spin.
  • Super Home: The main bonus round, which consists of contestants is about to go on a house.


  • The main theme music is "The Pink Panther Theme" by Henry Mancini, which is also used as a theme for "Safe Crackers" for The Price is Right from 1976 to 1992, which is used as the opening and closing theme music for the pilot.
  • One of the minigame cues used the theme for The Magnificent Marble Machine.
  • The bonus round cue, "Super Home" used the main theme for To Say the Least.