Yukari Yakumo's Parasol is a spiritual umbrella that users can use if they need help from Yukari Yakumo. Although it is owned by the Yakumo Clan, it was passed on to future generations and is sometimes given to her heirs. Once the user opens it, Yukari Yakumo will instantly appear and they can get help from her.


In the games

Touhou Project series

The parasol appears for the first time in the seventh Touhou Project game, Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom. The parasol only appears in her character sprites and official artwork.

HotShots Party series

"Is it you who summoned me? If you don't know me, I am Yukari Yakumo, the owner of the parasol you just used. I was once the queen of Gensokyo before my untimely death and reincarnation, and I shall take you to the Lucky Star space!"
- Yukari Yakumo, to the player

The parasol also appears as an item starting in the second game, HotShots Party II. It costs 25 coins to purchase, and in all games this item appears in, the player still must pay 20 coins to get the Lucky Star.

The animations used where Yukari takes the player to the Lucky Star space varies between games. In HotShots Party II, HotShots Party 2000, HotShots Party World, HotShots Party 4, and HotShots Party Extra, Yukari will grab the player by their hands and fly them to the Lucky Star space. In HotShots Party 3 however, Yukari does not grab them by their hands this time and instead unleashes a bullet storm which causes the player to fly to the Lucky Star Space.

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