Yurusirsk Union, also known as Yurusirskia, is a fictional country located in Europe and Asia. This country was formed when Toglado, Jaloma Eardana, and many other republics all united to form the Yurusirsk Union in 1986. It is located between the crossroads of Eastern, and Central Europe.

The Yurusirsk Union is made up of 40 republics, and 5 Krais, along with 50 Okrugs and Oblasts. It borders Hungary, Germany, Poland, and Russia, even though the Fabellan Fedaration is portrayed as Russia.

The Yurusirsk Union is the biggest country in the world, even bigger than the Fabellan Fedaration. The country almost tried to invade the Noobian Union on May 15th 2009, but failed. The Yurusirsk Union has 5 republics located in Oceania.

Yurusirskia has a lot of history about itself.


Yurusirskia was once part of Kievan Rus' until it got conquered by the Mongol Empire.

Yurusirskia was once an amazing place for many Slavic peoples to live in, until a terrible day.

The Slavs had their homes burned by a bunch of German protesters in 980 AD.

Then, one Slav had made a unique country that would change the world as we speak.

It got the name of the Kingdom of Yurusirskia, a former fictional country located in Europe, and a bit of its land being located in Asia.

The Kingdom of Yurusirskia was under Nazi control, after Nazi Germany had invaded the fictional country, with over a thousand casualties.

Then, half of the country's land was claimed by the Soviet Union, but a heroic country came to the rescue. It was the Noobian Union, back when it had a lot of glory.

Yurusirskia had agreed to join the Noobian Union, and wait until the Independence day, which is when the Noobian Union will free Yurusirskia.

Cold War:

On May 5th, 1945, Yurusirskia had left the Noobian Union, but Yurusirskia had been attacked and attacked more by the Soviets, but apparentlyYurusirskia had a strong army, so the Soviets had just lost.

Yurusirskia had later won the Cold War fictionally, on December 6th, 1978.

Then, the current Yurusirskia we know today had been made on June 18th, 1986.

The currently revealed republic (for now)

One of the republics is Kralunska, which is a republic with the official languages being Kralyun, and Yurusirsk.

Kralyun uses the Makugha script, which is used for things around Kralunska, but the script for schools and other stuff in the republic is Cyrillic.

Kralunska is located somewhere in Siberia, and Northern Europe.

Kralunska joined the Yurusirsk Union in 2000, replacing the unrecognized state of

Kralyun Mongol State.

The flag for Kralunya Republic.

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