Zara Dawson is a Sallyish-Heartlakian-possibly American actress, model, television personality, photographer, singer, therapist, artist, chef and vet. She was born on 18 December 1986 in the Socialist Republic of the Island of Sally in a pool.

Personal life

Dawson lives in Dawson Manor, with her mother Kimberly, her father Diesel, sisters Erika, Annabelle and Sophie, brother Zack, half-sisters Zoey, Arla, Paulina, Julie, Stacey, Stephanie and Zola, cousin Erikasha, boyfriend XMUSIC and daughter Arla. Dawson also lives in the Boma apartment in Atla, Island of Sally. she has a holiday home in Kuboia. She only leaves if she needs to take a bath.

As of 20th March 2018, Dawson is pregnant with triplets due to impregnation in a swimming pool in Kuboia.


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