Zcelolcalokia is a country that is located in Europe near the northern part of CD20 Island. The capital of this country, also known as "Frinzalakia City ". This country currently has 3,748,981 population or residents in total.


Before this country was named, it was part of the Greek. The country was already named as Zcelolcalokia around the 19th Century. The country is also involved in World War 2 as its role in Fascism. This role started for a few decades until it becomes democratic in 1961 as it begins to turn into democratic.



Their currency is the same as the ones from CD20 Islands .



  • It only has 5 regions, 12 provinces and 32 cities in general.
  • The smallest city, in this country is notorious for having the highest rate crimes in each city of this country.


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