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Zecter Media is a visual effectss and post-production company based in El Kadsre. It is founded by former Digimagic employee Jeffery Santos, and was founded in 1985. Its staff is former employees of the now-defunct visual effects company, Digimagic. They mainly do visual effects for science fiction and fantasy-based movies. In 2005, Zecter Media started to work on full-length computer-animated feature films as well as animated shorts.


Jeffery Santos once worked as an artist on Digimagic. He was credited as a VFX Artist on 25 films (5 of which was directed by his father, Archie Santos). In 1982, The last film that Jeffery worked on also turned out to be Digimagic's last film; The Attack Of The Octocons.

Shortly after the film was released, Digimagic shut down, retiring all their 300+ employees. This meant that Jeffery Santos' career was on hiatus. And in late 1984, he thought he would try again.

In April of 1985, after he received enough loan from his father Archie Santos, he founded Zecter Media. He managed to get some of Digimagic's former employees as well as hire new artists.

Zecter Media's first work was The Rise Of Spadacon, released in July 1985. But it wasn't until 1994 when they gained full attention and revolutionize the visual effects industry.

In 1994, Film distrubutor AS Films (Archie Santos' film company) released which is widely considered the film the revolutionize the sci-fi and fantasy genre. Spadacon: Revenge Of The Revengeful Nemesix.

The film was immediately praised for its revolutionary visual effects, thanks to Zecter Media utilizing the new and revolutionary software, The Super-10, a software that allows the rendering of photorealistic digital models by scanning a physical model. While it was never stated what was the amount for the budget of the visual effects, it was probably rumored to be about $59 million.


  • The Rise of Spadacon (1985)
  • No Handguns Attached (1985)
  • The Attack of the Octocons 2: Wrath of the Squid People (1986)
  • Sherlock Holmes vs Mecha Holmes (1987)
  • Excali-Borg (1987)
  • Car Cyborgs (1988)
  • The Hitman's Challenge (1989)
  • Car Cyborgs 2 (1990) 
  • Mecharella (1991)
  • Splendid Sworded Explosion Man (1991)
  • The Woman Who Cannot be Erased (1992)
  • Death Hopper (1993)
  • Zira Must be Destroyed! (1994)
  • Spadacon: The Revenge of the Revengeful Nemesix (1994)
  • Plunder Over the High Seas (1995)
  • Lasersighter (1995)
  • Kon-querer (1995)
  • 50 Million Miles from Earth (1996)
  • Project Z (1997)
  • Blitzivan: Born to be Reloaded (1997)
  • The Millennium Race (2000)