Zenna Lopez-Smith (22 December 1959 – 12 January 2006) was a South Korean-Brazilian power metal singer, actress and fashion designer. She also played with a Harpsichord and Organ. Referred to as the "Asia's Queen of Power and Beauty Metal".

Early Life

Zenna Maria Dela Lopez was born on December 22, 1959, was in São Paulo, Brazil. She was the daughter of Zola (née Monsanto) Dela Lopez and Vincent Dela Lopez. Her parents engaged at families.

At age 9, Lopez-Smith started performing as a soloist in the Aria Legend's Luz é Sonho at the Escola Maria Imaculada, where she also played the Harpsichord, her first solo performance was a song of "Toreador".


1971-1979: Performed at Christian and leaving to Church

In 1971, at age 11, As her popularity as a singer, Lopez-Smith attended Escola Maria Imaculada in Brazil.

In December 1979, leaving her the church. They eventually settled in São Paulo. She grew up in talent.

1980-1985: beginning debut of I Fly Hot, Happy Time Zenna and her Zola's death

Lopez-Smith signed to Crown Aria Records in January 1980, Lopez-Smith's debut single "I Fly Hot" was released on 5 February 1980. She began her album Happy Time Zenna was released by Crown Aria on 7 May 1980, Lopez-Smith's best friend, South Korean guitarist Hyun Chaeng. In January 1983, while Lopez-Smith her mother was dead, Dela Lopez he's arrested his victim.


On January 7, 2006, Lopez-Smith visited at Italy. last performance she joined Serajina on stage in Bologna, Italy and the song "Deep Grow Up", "I Fly Hot" and "Göttin Der Schnee".

Lopez-Smith was 46 aged of death in 2006, this ambulance. Lopez-Smith has a cause of death, which is heart failure still was time death on 12:03 p.m.

But meanwhile, in Trieste, Italy, last words say

"Disgrace, day, hope, desire, and beautiful for the love and at least... Forever... I Fly... Hot...."

Zenna Lopez-Smith

For the message of Zenna's Funeral

"If you heart my funeral of Zenna, I trust with our desire, disgrace and only takes all, was born in December 1959, Zenna was born in São Paulo, Brazil, she was Zola (mother) and Vincent (father), heard a love to was a death in January 2006, Zenna's death was heart failure in the last performance in this beautiful forever, behind the Power and Beauty"

Camille Hasoki, Executive Producers of Interiandé


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