ZeroTube is a website for publishing videos. But you have to be careful in one wrong moment when you upload something with content such as profanity or sexual content and you immediately get a different rating.


ZeroTube was created on May 2018 and went public around the same date in Europe in and in the US. It was later expanded to Austrillia, Kandra, and Japan in September.

Rating System

ZeroTube has an rating system for videos. For example, Pokemon: a Journal published by Mikon35 gets the Safe rating.

Logo Meaning Description
ZeroTube Safe.png Safe This video can be watched by anyone no matter their age. One bad word and trouble can happen.
ZeroTube 12.png 12 years and older This video is intended for preteens and up. It has swear/bad words and violence.
ZeroTube 16.png 16 years and older The video is not suitable for young people under the age of 16. It contains a lot of violence, profanity, and sexual content.
ZeroTube +18.png 18 years and older This video is not suitable for people under 18 years. Containing obviously profanity, sexual content, violence, and blood.
ZeroTube NSFW (1).png Not Safe For Watch/Work This video is only for adults and up. The content in this video is porn, hardcore photos with sexual content, scenes of girls getting undressed, sexual abuse, and more.

Banned forever from ZeroTube

  • MilkiStan (due to making and publishing a video containing pornography and ignoring the warning from NSFW)
  • Ashley Journal (due to the spread of hate speech against Kandranians and Europeans)
  • FourGuy (Due to ignoring the warning about Kandra schools and their learning system)
  • ZeroBot (For no reason, but it was quickly unbanned. Made by ZeroTube haters)


  • It's a parody of YouTube, but safer than YouTube.
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