Zoey Tyrus is the collaboration album by Sallyish singer Zoey Dawson and American producer and rapper DJ Mala. Zoey came up with the idea when she was talking with DJ Mala, and thought of the artwork while dancing in her bikini later that night. In 2017, Mala and Zoey recorded their first collaboration album.

Track listing

E = Explicit

  1. One and Only (ft. Ms. Lee and Quavo)
  2. Don't Don't Love Me
  3. Alsukna (SAL)
  4. Je t'aime comme tu m'aimes (FR)
  5. Kickstart (Z) (E)
  6. Everybody on the Dance Floor (E)
  7. Flashing Lights, Flashing Cameras
  8. And They Didn't Live Happily Ever After
  9. Pero que si (ES)
  10. Candle (ft. Justin Bieber)
  11. Paparazzi Everywhere
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