The 2019 zombie-war conflict occurred in June 2019 between Coastdell and ZombieTown.

The conflict started when many zombies began raiding the village, killing many people, and infecting many others, however, police golems have successfully managed to cure many of the residents.

Timeline of events

On June 11th, 2019, many of the ZombieTown residents arrived at Coastdell and starts a zombie siege. Many people have been infected by the zombies, and many others have been killed. The local government later urged people to stay indoors once the siege is over. Meanwhile, the Coastdell police department later stopped the residents by killing them.

On June 16th, another zombie siege occurs in the village. A zombie later went inside the Coastdell mayoral office building, and he later smashed the windows. The mayor of Coastdell later uploaded a video message on his Facebook account, declaring that the war against ZombieTown has begun.

A day later, tensions between Coastdell and ZombieTown began rising as the Coastdell police department has deployed multiple police golems to kill the ZombieTown residents, leading to a raid. The king of ZombieTown was caught up in the raid, and he later fled away. The mayor of Coastdell later declared a state of emergency in response to the zombie war.

On June 25th, the minecraftian national police department has conducted a mission to kill the king of ZombieTown. They later found him in a ZombieTown house and later shot the king of ZombieTown several times, resulting in him to die. The mayor of Coastdell later addressed a televised speech, declaring that the king of ZombieTown was killed.

On July 2nd, an yet another zombie siege has occurred in Coastdell, the first since the death of the king of ZombieTown. Not much is known about this.

On July 28th, the 4th zombie siege has occurred in the village. This time, 2 police golems were killed after a group of 3 zombies threw grenades at them, resulting in the grenades blowing up, killing the police golems. The minecraftian national police department said in a statement that the zombie war will only end until they have a showdown with the ZombieTown residents.

On August 9th, the minecraftian national police department finally managed to find ZombieTown and later starts a final showdown between the ZombieTown residents. The final living residents of ZombieTown were killed, but 2 police golems were wounded during the showdown.


On August 11th, the minecraftian national assembly held an emergency meeting where defense minister Brian Smith confirmed that ZombieTown will be renamed to Vercastle.

On the following day, however, the national assembly has instead voted to change ZombieTown's name to Dorport. On August 14th, the mayor of Dorport has been inaugurated and later declares that ZombieTown is now known as Dorport.

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