Zookies is an Azaran brand of graham cookies shaped like zoo animals that are sold only at McDonald's and were introduced in 2010 as a replacement for the McDonaldland cookies when McDonald's decided to retire the use most of the McDonaldland characters in Azara.

The cookies are offered as a treat swap for Happy Meals in addition to being sold a la carte.

In 2013, McDonald's introduced a frozen ice cream novelty with larger sized Zookies called "Chocolate Mega Zookie Ice Cream Sandwich".

The characters in cookie shapes have made appearances in various Happy Meal toy promotions.


  • Honey (yellow bag)
  • Cinnamon (blue bag)
  • Chocolate (brown bag)
  • Chocolate Chip (red bag; introduced in 2011)
  • Birthday Cake (pink bag; limited edition in 2015)

Cookie Shapes/Characters

  • Leo Lion
  • Tommy Tiger
  • Riley Rhinoceros
  • Grizzly McBear
  • Teddy Turtle
  • Eilza Elephant
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