Zyntic (合成 lit. Zyntic) is a series of tactical role-playing games developed by Forcefield and released for various home video game consoles. The series is centered around using various monsters and machines to take down other player's planets and bases while the player protects his/her own fleet. The franchise began on the Super Famicom with Zyntic in 1991 and has since expanded onto the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PC, with the latest release being in 2012 with Operation Zyntic. Oiatchi produced a pachinko machine titled CR Zyntic X in 2002.


The player controls a fleet of eight monsters and eight machines, with the goal being to conquer the other opponent's planet and control base. The player must place their fighters onto a grid and must get to their opponent's area before the latter does the same to the player. If the player stands on a space next to an opponent's fighter, then a small battle scenario will take place; the player must defeat the opponent's fighter before continuing to place troops. If the player defeats the opponent's fighter, then the player's XP will be raised, which can be used to increase attack power and being able to call for other fighters during battle. Enemy fighters will also drop money which can be used to purchase equipment at a storage base, such as additional health pickups, more durable weapons and special attacks that can deal large amounts of damage.

Online multiplayer

The Dreamcast version of Zyntic Coliseum included an online multiplayer mode that could be accessed through the SegaNet service for the console and could allow the player to team up and go against three other people online instead of computer-based opponents. A Nintendo 64 DD version was also planned as the latter as well featured an online service named Randnet, however, this port was canceled due to poor sales of the add-on. Online multiplayer has since become a staple after the Dreamcast release.


  • Zyntic - 1991
  • Zyntic Daisakusen - 1995
  • Zyntic Coliseum - 1996
  • Zyntic Coliseum II - 1999
  • Zyntic Online - 2004
  • Zyntic Project - 2007
  • Zyntic Portable - 2010
  • Operation Zyntic - 2012

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